Aluminum Fences and Fence Contractors

Gold Coast Shutters and Fence

At Gold Coast fence contractors, we manufacture & install Deco Aluminum fence, which improves the appearance of and increases the value of your property. Aluminum fences bring an extra touch of elegance and stately accent to your home or business.   Aluminum is one of the most abundant and durable metals on earth, and it is used for a number of building and construction materials, why not fencing? Aluminum fences provide a lightweight alternative to steel or iron fences, which can be too much for the average home handyman to install and maintain. Gold Coast is Florida’s number one aluminum fence contractor.

An aluminum fence will provide security and beauty to your front or back yard. A Deco Aluminum fence gives you a great look and the ultimate combination of strength, beauty, and durability. With an aluminum fence you also have freedom from maintenance.

Whether it is for a swimming pool or a gate entrance, decorative Aluminum fences are the perfect answer to your fence needs. This type of fencing is typically created from tubular bars and comes in a wide variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Aluminum is also resistant to all types of corrosion, which makes it a very attractive fencing option for wet environments. Aluminum has a wide variety of colors and excellent paint adhesion through a process called powder coating, which means that it can go many years without having to be repainted.

For aluminum fences and fence contractors, Gold Coast is your only, great choice.